How to choose Social Media platforms for product or service

Social media platforms are vastly being used to market products and services. But, Is it relevant to show your presence at all social media platforms? Most digital marketers now suggest that being present on all of the social media platforms is not a wise strategy to reach your audience. Sometimes it is a wastage of time and energy for a business to exist at multiple platforms. To understand the relevance of platform to a product or service, a digital marketer should understand three basic things; Who is the target audience or Customer’s persona, what is our goal to be at social media, at which platform we can reach the target market.

Customer’s Persona

Knowing the Customer’s persona and target audience demographics is the primary question to dig out before selecting a social media platform. So here a digital marketer needs to know; gender, age group, income level, education level, and other interests of the targeted audience. These demographics also help out to decide times of posting on these platforms. For example, the young age group uses social media after their college and university timing. So posting new posts and queries handling time should be scheduled accordingly.

Identification of Goal

To select relevant social media platform one need to identify the goal or purpose of social media strategy. The goal can be one of; brand awareness, sales, and traffic for website or blog. For instance, to create brand awareness, Facebook and Instagram might be helpful as these tools are visual and help to create a brand’s personality. Higher traffic on websites can be achieved by creating awareness campaigns and blog posting on twitter and Facebook.

Find your audience on social media.

After identification of audience and goal now, one should find his audience, i.e., at which social media platform your target audience is more likely to be. Statistics show that Instagram is more appropriate for sale fashion and related beauty products. Twitter is more relevant to inform and educate. This is the reason celebrities use twitter to engage their fans. And if your business has a B2B revenue model, then LinkedIn should be used, as 80% of the audience are those people who can influence decisions for organizations, i.e., senior-level executives and budget managers, etc.

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