Mediums of Digital Marketing we often ignore

Thinking to get reach for your product and worried about the cost of digital marketing? Then you should rethink the concept of digital marketing. We seldom pay attention to tools in our hands and eventually underutilizing it. Here is the list of tools to digitally market our product we are often ignoring.


While it has a considerable audience and lower cost still, WhatsApp has underrated attention as a digital marketing tool. Yes! You have read it right; WhatsApp can be a powerful marketing tool. Its ability to send text, images, audio, video, and documents can be used to get higher reach in the market.


To convert a visitor into a paying customer often needs only to give attention to customers via messenger. Messenger is essential in this regard as there is a higher possibility that a visitor will read a messenger message. Into the bargain, messenger AI bots adding more value to get attention from customers. At the same time, handling queries via messenger all, a person needs to have an empathy-based viewpoint for customer needs.

E-mail Marketing

Commercial messaging via E-mail is another tool we often underutilize to make contact with the customer. There are various e-mail marketing tools which have a very low cost and high engagement rate. Mailchimp, Hubspot, Sender are few. And going back to the drawing board, All a person needs to collect target customer data and send them newsletters of product.

Text Sms

Text Sms are also on the ball for digital marketing. And the tactic is not new to anyone. Exclusive deals, coupons, promotional events can be easily communicated to targeted customers via SMS marketing: just some clicks and your content sent to a bulk of people.

So the tools Ghar ki murghi daal brabar can be used by any entrepreneur, just to pay some essential technology cost and get noticed by the target market.

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