Top five Digital marketing tools

There are many digital marketing tools but we just discuss the five most important digital marketing tools. Let’s start, first of all

1.Google Trends:

Google Trends lets you see the new trends, data, and visualizations from Google and search what’s trending close you right now. It can give you validation on an idea really fast, and it is straightforward to use. And you may know, Youtube is the second-biggest search engine in the world.

Serpstat is also a fantastic keyword tool that I like. It’s a resemblance to Ahrefs. I use it mainly to compete for data and because the data for some countries is more accurate than other tools. You can also track competitors keywords,


SimilarWeb is the first tool that we use to get an idea for a website. What it does is give you approx traffic of a website, what are the sources of that traffic, what are the countries, a basic idea of the keywords that the sites rank for and some other cool stuff.

One of the most powerful tools that exist right now. The best thing about that it is very easy to use and you will not waste days trying to pull out how it works. That may help you make a plan for a Facebook Ads campaign in the best way.

5.Instant message marketing:

Not everything happens in messenger tho browser notifications and push notifications made a huge jump in compared to previous years.

If we have a website and you want to track a most of stuff, you must have a most of codes placed in all sorts of places of the website. One must be processed before the other and all kinds of stuff.

7.Data scraper:

Along with this tool, We can scrape and download any kind of data from a website. We just express your filters and download the spreadsheet. Then we just put the links in Google Adwords so we can show specific ads in those particular articles.

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