Tips for Best Practice Video Marketing

Okay, there you’ve got some amazing reasons for incorporating video into your marketing activities or learning the way to create awesome videos if you’re curious about digital marketing careers. But how does one set about making a video that’s engaging and optimized? Here are some tips.

First off, find out what the perfect video length is for your platform – here’s what Hubspot recommends about Video Marketing:

Instagram: 30 seconds
Twitter: 45 seconds
Facebook: 1 minute
YouTube: 2 minutes

Here some amazing Benefits of video marketing! 
Other things you’ll want to to to make sure the most straightforward engagement and accessibility also as boost your SEO include using captions for autoplay and keeping the video on silent if it’s on a landing page. Videos on landing pages are often beneficial, but as long as they don’t scare viewers away. You’ll also want to make sure to stay your video mobile-friendly across the board.

To know how your videos are performing, practice excellent SEO standards, and always check your metrics. You’ll develop a regular library of varied videos and keep them organized on YouTube, then incorporate them into various kinds of content like blogs and emails.
And don’t ignore your call-to-action, which on YouTube usually consists of a bit annotation suggesting that users subscribe to your channel.

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